FREEMASONS in the Middle Ages were a guild of masons specially employed in building churches. Called 'free' because they were exempted by several papal bulls from the laws which bore upon common craftsmen, and exempted from the burdens thrown on the working classes.

St. Paul's London, in 604, and St. Peter's Westminster, in 605, were built by Freemasons. Gundulph (Bishop of Rochester), who built the White Tower, was a 'Grand Master' so was Peter of Colechurch, architect of the Old London Bridge.

Henry Vll's chapel, Westminster, was the work of a Master Mason; so were Sir Thomas Gresham (who planned the Royal Exchange) Inigo Jones, and Sir Christopher Wren.

The Prince of Wales founded Covent Garden theatre in 1808 in his capacity of 'Grand Master'.

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  • Visiting +

    Here is poem I have written about visiting. Feel free to use it but please do accredit it to the author.

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  • PGM on BBC Radio Devon +

    R.W.Bro Ian Kingsbury, Provincial Grand Master for Devonshire, has been invited to appear on Michael Chequer’s programme on BBC Radio Devon, on Saturday 8th August 2015, between 0900-1000.

  • Initiate's dad is now his brother! +

    Our April meeting was an initiation and with the rehearsals out of the way everybody was looking forward to an enjoyable ceremony. However, this initiation was going to be a little different from our usual ceremonies.

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  • Rick Wakeman +

    It isn't very often that we find a well known person talking about freemasonry. In this two part video we see an interview with Rick Wakeman where he discusses freemasonry from his own perspective.

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  • A Masonic Parable +

    I read this story and felt it was an appropriate reminder of what freemasonry is all about.

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